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Did you know that an employee will spend an average of four-and-a-half years in his or her current position before looking for a new job? Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Joseph A. Dougherty explores this employer/employee timeline in his recent article published in the May issue of Legal & Compliance Excellence Essentials – a publication on legal issues relating to HR, including HR legal, HR compliance, managing employer risk, benefits and compensation law and more.

Titled “Trade Secrets and Transient Talent: Tips to Avoid Trouble,” Dougherty explains how employers can protect themselves against the risk of losing trade secrets after an employee leaves.

“The most common threat of loss of a company’s competitive business information and trade secrets comes from employees, not external attempts to hack into a business’ computer system,” writes Dougherty.

Joe offers effective and simple preventative measures that can be taken, including protecting through contracts, conduct and technology. 

Read the full article - “Trade Secrets and Transient Talent: Tips to Avoid Trouble” (Legal & Compliance Excellence Essentials, May 2015). Article begins on page nine (9).