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In their article recently published in Law360, titled "Not Too Big To Grow: Another Arrow in Banks' M&A Quiver," Suzanne Ewing and Reginald J. Weatherly, who co-chair Buchanan's Financial Institutions Asset Analytics, Sales & Acquisitions Group, take an "under the hood" look at how a bank can be successful at making the acquisition of performing loans. Their article also addresses best practices and risk management principles to consider when engaging in loan asset sales and acquisitions.

"[W]hen structured and executed correctly, targeted loan asset acquisitions can be an effective tool that banks of all sizes can use to grow revenue while mitigating successor liability concerns; avoiding the acquisition of noncore assets, personnel and bricks and mortar; and minimizing the full-scale integration and regulatory issues that accompany traditional bank mergers," they write. 

Read the full article – "Not Too Big To Grow: Another Arrow in Banks' M&A Quiver" (Law360, February 18, 2015) Subscription required.