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A recent article published on the Society for Human Resource Management's website covers the top 10 mistakes that occur when handling I-9 forms. Buchanan Immigration Associate Yova A. Borovska weighed in one of the biggest mistakes: timing errors. “Note that this is business days as it relates to the employer, so if the employer is operational over the weekend, the weekend will be counted as business days,” she says. “This cannot be corrected, but there is a five-year statute of limitations after which it can no longer be used against the employer.”

Borovska also covered common record retention errors that can occur when handling I-9 forms.

“The requirements for electronic retention are very rigorous and include measures such as reasonable controls, inspection, quality assurance, audit trails, indexing [and] ability to reproduce.” 

Read the full article - "10 Mistakes When Handling I-9 Forms" (Society for Human Resource Management, March 10, 2015). Subscription required.