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Brandon J. Drennen, PHD

Brandon J. Drennen, PHD

Patent Agent

Alexandria, VA

How Brandon Helps Clients

Brandon aids clients in the prosecution of their inventions before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has a diverse background in chemistry (e.g., medicinal and organic chemistry), biology (e.g., cell biology, microbiology, cancer cell biology), biotechnology (e.g., cell culture systems, assay development, DNA editing) and pharmaceuticals (e.g., drug development, drug design, pharmacokinetics). He is always eager to prosecute life sciences and chemical manufacturing innovations for clients that range from large companies to independent inventors. With a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brandon excels at prosecuting inventions pertaining to new pharmaceuticals, treatment methods and biotechnologies. Additionally, his chemistry background allows him to efficiently prosecute novel chemical syntheses and manufacturing processes.   

What Clients Can Expect

Clients that work with Brandon can expect him to treat their inventions as his own. Brandon works diligently to help clients procure protective rights for their inventions. He is always responsive to clients’ concerns and offers practical advice regarding the prosecution of their inventions.

Brandon enjoys meeting his clients so he can plan the best route of prosecution for their inventions and establish positive, long-lasting relationships with them. He recognizes the amount of time and dedication that clients invested into their inventions, so he works even harder to ensure they receive the protection they deserve.      

I know how hard you worked to develop your invention. Let me work even harder to guarantee that your inventions are protected.

Outside the Office

When not honing his prosecution skills, Brandon is working toward the development of new skills, such as learning how to play a musical instrument. He enjoys expressing his creativity through painting, drawing and writing. Brandon also strives to live a healthy lifestyle, so he frequents the gym and researches new methods for preparing nutritious meals.