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A recent Law360 article highlights another win for firm client, Tetra Pak. The article noted that the “U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Cheese and Whey Systems Inc. of a Federal Circuit finding that the company had literally infringed on a patent for a commercial cheese-making bat held by Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder.”

“This was not a surprise,” Philip L. Hirschhorn, an attorney for Tetra Pak, told Law360 on Monday. “We did not put in an opposition brief in [with the Supreme Court] as we saw no reason to do so.”

Other Buchanan professionals on the Tetra Pak team include Steve Czajkowski, Min Yang, James Wilcox, Carrie Johnson and Julie Meyers.
Read the full article - "Supreme Court Won't Hear Cheese Vat Patent Appeal" (Law360, March 24, 2014)