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Amber L. Castelli

Amber L. Castelli

Director - Professional Development

Pittsburgh, PA

Amber L. Castelli is the firm’s Director of Professional Development. Her responsibilities encompass various aspects of professional development, including training, mentoring, feedback and elevating performance for all attorneys. Amber spends a large part of her time focused on associates and their changing and unique needs, but her reach extends to all attorneys and many business professionals. She is charged with implementing many of the objectives in the firm’s strategic plan by ensuring that the attorneys at the firm are highly engaged in continuous development to meet the demands of a dynamic legal landscape.

Amber works closely with firm management and section leadership in designing curriculum, implementing corrective and goal-orientated performance plans and setting compensation for associates, senior attorneys, staff attorneys and specialists.

She has a strong commitment to fostering the growth and success of the attorneys within the firm. As the overseer of the firm's Buchanan University, Amber directs and manages initiatives such as the Leadership Development Program for emerging leaders, the Associate Liaisons to provide a forum for associates to share their perspectives and practice area-specific training such as the biannual Mock Trial. Her focus extends to mentoring programs and the formulation of strategic career development plans, all aimed at equipping attorneys with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in their respective roles.

In fostering a collaborative and communicative environment, Amber has built strong relationships and actively engages with firm management, section leadership, numerous firm committees, other administrative departments and outside consultants with the ultimate goal of improving the attorney experience at the firm and retaining talent. Regular meetings, panel discussions, specialized training and surveys are just a few of the tools she uses to cultivate an atmosphere that encourages effective communication and professional growth.

Notably, Amber is recognized beyond the firm's walls, having recently served as a speaker at the Professional Development Institute Conference. She often shares her expertise with legal professionals at law firms and law schools and has particularly enjoyed consulting on the development of successful leadership programs within law firms.

Her wealth of institutional knowledge, a steadfast awareness of the changing market and an encouraging personality make her a sought-after thought leader both inside and outside of the firm.