Barry I. Slotnick, shareholder in Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s Litigation Section, was recently quoted about his involvement in helping to move a disagreement between Amagansett Presbyterian Church and Peerless Insurance toward resolution.

Eighteen months ago, a fire destroyed Scoville Hall, which was used by the church for various events and meetings. Officials in the church believed the settlement that was offered by Peerless Insurance was very low, and the insurance company contended that a new structure be built upon the existing foundation of the building. The church felt it necessary to build upon a new foundation. Therefore the building has remained untouched since the fire.

That is when Slotnick offered his assistance to church officials.

“I was very offended by the fact that I saw this burned-out building sitting on Meeting House Lane without anyone doing anything,” explains Slotnick.
Slotnick believes that the disagreement over Scoville Hall’s foundation will likely be resolved in favor of the church officials.

“We have the ability to bring in experts who will be able to give us appropriate reports, and the insurance company, I think in exchange for not being sued, will go along with what we have to say,” he explains.

“At this juncture, [Peerless Insurance is] apologetic for their misdeeds,” Slotnick adds.

Read the full article – “Things Are Looking Up for Destroyed Church Hall” (May 2, 2013, The East Hampton Star)