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Employers enrolled in the E-Verify program can expect to see big changes to the design and functionality of the program beginning June 13, 2010. In an effort to enhance the program's usability, security, accuracy, and efficiency, USCIS has redesigned the look of the E-Verify website to make it more user-friendly and has added new case management tools. Some highlights of the changes that employers can expect to see include:

  • Simplified terms (for example, "initiate a query" becomes "create a case").
  • Use of drop-down boxes for date fields to eliminate formatting confusion.
  • New Case Alerts feature at the bottom of the home page which will alert employers when they're required to take action or when there's an update in the status of a case. With the new Case Alerts feature, administrators will no longer have to go in to a specific individual case to get an update.   
  • Automatic reminders about expiring work authorization documents beginning 90 days before expiration.
  • "Can't miss" case results displayed prominently on screen.
  • Electronically signed Memorandums of Understanding that can be downloaded in PDF format.
E-Verify users should note that the first time they log in to the system after June 13, 2010, they will be required to take a 20 minute tutorial to learn about the changes before they can continue placing queries. Contact one of our immigration attorneys if you have questions about these changes or want to know more about the E-Verify program.