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Applicants for nonimmigrant visas in India are currently experiencing increased wait times for interview appointments at the U.S. Consular Posts. The Consulates in India are dealing with an extraordinary backlog that is not likely to improve soon, particularly as we enter the busy summer travel season. Whereas one to three weeks is generally seen as a standard timeframe to receive an interview appointment, applicants today may experience wait times as long as two to four months. Below are the Department of State reported wait times for nonimmigrant visa categories other than B, F and J:

  • Chennai - 75 days
  • Hyderabad - 93 days
  • Kolkata - 96 days
  • Mumbai - 88 days
  • New Delhi - 100 days

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) is reportedly working with the Government of India to try to add additional positions at the Consular posts to alleviate the situation. In the meantime, nonimmigrant visa applicants in India should expect extended delays when scheduling their appointments and should assess whether to postpone unnecessary travel until the backlog has improved. While there is an expedited appointment option in India, it is generally reserved for cases involving humanitarian issues or business emergencies. Applicants can review options to process their visa request outside of India as a Third Country National with their attorney, but it is not a viable option for every case and not generally recommended.