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Digital Signature Enforcement
Court Affirms Electronic Notes are Enforceable in Florida
Recently, the District Court of Appeal for the Fourth District of Florida affirmed that electronic signatures are enforceable against a borrower in a foreclosure action. | More on the enforcement here
Standing in Foreclosure Cases
Standing in Foreclosure Cases: Still a Recurring Issue
Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal held that summary judgment was improperly entered because an affidavit filed by a substitute plaintiff conflicted with the mortgage foreclosure complaint as to what entity possessed the note at the time the complaint was filed. | Read more about this case
Workplace Injury Reporting
OSHA U.S. Steel Settlement Adopts Reporting Rules Anti-Retaliation Provisions
OSHA announced a final rule which requires electronic reporting and public disclosure of companies' injury data, and also, a provision that prohibits employers from discriminating against workers or encouraging workers not to report injuries. | How do these new rules affect you?
Clientopia® - BTI Power Rankings 2016
Strong Client Relationships
Buchanan achieved Clientopia® – the ideal state of a client relationship – for financial services, according to BTI Power Rankings 2016. We deliver top-notch service and solutions to financial institutions – after all, our firm was founded on banking. | Find out more here.
We've Moved
Our Fort Lauderdale team has moved into a new office!
Our new office is equipped with new tools and technology to enhance client communications, collaboration and help our clients to look ahead for future opportunities. | Click here for more information
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