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The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently vacated the sentence of Monsignor William J. Lynn, who was convicted of endangering the welfare of children, and remanded the case for a new trial, reports The Legal Intelligencer. The basis for the Court’s opinion was a high volume of prejudicial evidence. It was the second time that part of a lower court’s proceedings against Lynn had been reversed by the Superior Court.

Buchanan’s Thomas A. Bergstrom, who represents Lynn, told the publication that he was pleased with the ruling.

“They vacated the conviction,” explains Bergstrom. “It's a new trial.” He added that although he had raised the issue of the prejudicial evidence on appeal, the issue was not addressed because the Superior Court had initially reversed on other grounds.

Read the full article (subscription required) – “Lynn’s Sentence Tossed Again by Superior Court” (The Legal Intelligencer, December 22, 2015)