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Tanya Leshko, senior attorney in the firm's Healthcare section, is quoted in a Healthcare Innovation article, "The X’s and O’s Behind Setting Up Alternate COVID-19 Care Sites" on the regulations and hurdles of setting up alternate care sites during an emergency.

Even so, when emergency strikes, regulators typically try not to be barriers, offers Tanya Leshko, a healthcare attorney at law firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney. In regard to implementing emergency operation plans, she says, “There are times when regulators can’t be quite as nimble as some would like, and to some degree, healthcare providers will [deploy] their services and ask for forgiveness later. And if they haven’t done anything crazy, they’re going to get it. Medical providers are largely dedicated to serving people who need [care]. So in a circumstance like the [COVID-19] crisis, I don’t think regulators get in the way much,” she contends.