The idea of marketing legal services is on the rise, reports The Washington Post in a recent article titled, “Law Firms Turn to Business Developers to Help Sell Their Services.” The article details a day in the life of one of Buchanan’s business development managers, Kara Graham, to illustrate how marketing teams focus on helping land new work for their law firms.

In order to gather information for the article, reporter Catherine Ho spent several hours with Graham as she handled various projects and held meetings that involved several of the firm’s 60-some lobbyists, tax lawyers and food and drug attorneys in the firm’s D.C. office.

The article explains the diverse projects and initiatives handled by members of the business development team, “from drafting request for proposals sent to potential clients to helping attorneys and professionals smooth over presentations intended for a group of legislative staffers and trade group officials.”

Another initiative the article mentions is the radio show that Graham assists in coordinating every other month – Executive Leaders Radio.

“It’s a nice client relations tool because it makes them feel good to talk about themselves,” Ed Allera told the publication in regard to the radio segment that airs in several states and is hosted by Buchanan’s D.C. office. 

Read the full article - “Law Firms Turn to Business Developers to Help Sell Their Services” (The Washington Post, July 13, 2014)