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The city of Harrisburg is showing upticks in practices that suggest positive growth in the general economy, reported the Legal Intelligencer in a recent article titled, “Local, U.S. Trends Creating Harrisburg Legal Work.”

Stephen C. Gierasch told the Legal Intelligencer that his office’s labor and employment practice has benefited from the increased healthcare-related work, particularly after experiencing somewhat of a drop-off following a huge period of activity in 2010 and 2011. Now, Gierasch says, many labor and employment lawyers have turned their attention to counseling employers on health care reform.

Additionally, in regards to commercial transactions, Gierasch said that investors are now considering spending money that they have built up since the recession hit. He said that the lack of transactions over the past few years has led to a buyer’s market in which sellers feel pressure to be more flexible than they might otherwise be.

When it comes to the energy market, Steve said that the firm’s utilities practice has been a focal point, especially in the Harrisburg office.

The article focuses on all aspects of the legal economy, including transactional practices, energy and real estate. 

Read the full article - “Local, U.S. Trends Creating Harrisburg Legal Work” (The Legal Intelligencer, June 11, 2013)