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A recent article published in The Legal Intelligencer discusses Buchanan’s move to negotiate a flat rate with a managed services provider in an effort to better manage their clients’ e-discovery needs. The contract price with the provider is “based off of an estimated amount of data the firm expects to handle in the next two years [and] has already lead to thousands of dollars of savings for clients ...”

"Every day some new technology is coming out and if you make the investment internally, unless you have the ability to go back to the well every time some new technology comes up, oftentimes you don't have access to that if you are doing it internally," Stuart B. Claire, manager of the firm’s Litigation Technology, told the publication. "So that was an advantage of going to managed services."

To estimate the amount of data that would be used over the next two years, Buchanan analyzed their data using a project management system that they implemented two-and-a-half years ago, allowing them to track and store information “such as how much data clients were putting through the e-discovery system and what it was costing them.”

"Five years ago, if you asked me how much data are you seeing in any given month or across a year, I could give a pretty good guess, but now with our project management software, that guess ... is now accurate,” Claire said. 

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