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​Rhea Law, co-chair of the firm's Florida offices, is named one of 50 influential Floridians in the Miami Herald's "The Influencer Series." In this important election year in Florida, the Herald aims to drive important discussions about critical issues facing the state. The panel of influencers are visionaries, experts in their fields, educators and advocates for important causes who will offer their views and thoughts throughout the November elections. 

Read about The Influencer Series in the Miami Herald's article "Help Us Make a Better Florida."

Each person answered an initial question: "What is the biggest single challenge our leaders must confront to secure a better future for Florida?"

Rhea, named to the "Expert" category, answered:

"Currently the third-largest state with the fourth largest GDP, Florida’s population is growing at a torrid rate, adding 1,000 people each day. This is straining critical infrastructure, resources and services such as education, transportation, water, affordable housing and health care. We need to create jobs for a range of skill sets in strength sectors like hospitality, and growth industries like technology. Our expansive growth is further exacerbated by the diverse needs of the incoming population, from young professionals and entrepreneurs to retirees attracted to a state without income tax, to those geographically displaced and rebuildiing. Many flocking to Florida are unfamiliar with our economic drivers and investment plans, and bring new perspectives that could alter the political landscape and our strategic direction. Managing and addressing such disruptive growth is more than a mere challenge — it is an issue that Florida cannot afford to get wrong."