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The key to Roger Clemens’ acquittal lies in the “50-50” memory of former teammate Andy Pettitte, according to Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Litigation Shareholder Stuart Slotnick. In an article published by the Associated Press and syndicated in more than 15 additional media outlets, Slotnick explained the importance of the Yankee southpaw’s testimony.

“What clearly saved [Clemens] was his [Pettitte], who said during the trial, ‘I’m not really sure of what was said, I could be mistaken.’” Clemens was acquitted on all six counts of perjury stemming from his 2008 congressional testimony.

“What’s important to Roger Clemens is his legacy in his own eyes is protected,” Slotnick said of the public’s opinion, “even though people may still believe he used performance-enhancing drugs.”

The acquittal is much cleaner from the legal standpoint, Slotnick noted.

“This was about whether the government proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and they failed to do it.”