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On Thursday, February 27 Steven Zuchelli was recognized at the Project HELP Awards Luncheon for his work in coordinating the HELP Pro Non Legal clinic. The firm was also recognized as a whole for our continuing support of the program. Those who volunteered with the program in 2013 include Lia DeRito, Michael E. Fink, Celia R. Franklin, Bradley J. Kitlowski, Rhett Metz, Danielle K. Miller, Mariah L. Passarelli and LaToya G. Sawyer.

Pittsburgh’s HELP is a program aimed to provide pro bono legal services once a month at the Operation Safety Net (OSN) office. OSN is a health care, case management and housing program for the local homeless population. The organization’s goal is to give individuals a means to obtain the necessary benefits needed to get off the streets, as well as to provide a way to repair problems of their past so that they can move on to a healthier lifestyle. The HELP Clinic is schedule once a month, on the second Friday of every month, from 9-11 AM. The Clinic is located at the Trail Lane Apartments in the South Side.