A recent article published in the NY Daily News discusses the former employees of Bernie Madoff and the defense strategy they are likely to employ in the Manhattan fraud trial that began in October. The article reports that “[h]andwritten notes, company records and bank statements have tied the defendants to Madoff’s $17 billion Ponzi scheme and demonstrated how they lived the high life for years while working for the con man.”

Now, the defendants will try to prove that Madoff kept them in the dark and tried to manipulate them in to helping him.

“The entire world got fooled by Madoff. Madoff was able to fool the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,” Shareholder Stuart Slotnick told the publication in regard to the “blame Bernie” tactic that the defendants are taking. “If he could fool the SEC, why not his own employees?” 

Read the full article – “Ponzi staffers seem ready to say they got Bernied by Madoff” (NY Daily News, February 9, 2014)