With violence a concern, many officials and activists moved quickly in California to cease to the spread of violence that accompanied protests after George Zimmerman was found to be not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin, reported The Christian Science Monitor’s article titled, “Zimmerman Trial Verdict: L.A. Protesters Struggle to Stamp Out Violence.”

Officials and activists took to a press conference on Tuesday in Los Angeles expressing that they refuse to allow violence to interfere with peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders.

The concern, Stuart P. Slotnick says, is that some young activists are losing their focus when it comes to protesting. He compares the recent protests that have broken out due to the Zimmerman case to the Occupy movement, which, Slotnick said, is now feeding the current protests across the country.

“When the movement launched in New York, it had specific goals, but very quickly people came along holding up whatever issues they had on their mind,” Slotnick said. 

Read the full article – “Zimmerman Trial Verdict: L.A. Protesters Struggle to Stamp Out Violence” (The Christian Science Monitor, July 16, 2013)