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PowerSource, a companion resource of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offering a deep look into the region’s diverse energy industry including, natural gas, coal, nuclear and alternative energy sectors, recently published a piece in regard to seismic surveys in the Pennsylvania region. The article focuses on firm client Seitel Inc., a company commonly hired by oil and gas companies to map out an area’s geology in 3-D.

The article discusses the legal battles that Seitel has encountered since it began notifying residents of Beaver and Allegheny counties in late 2012 that they would be drilling shallow holes on properties in the area.

“When [Seitel] approached those municipalities, they all started to say you have to get a permit under a yet-to-be-adopted ordinance,” Shareholder Shawn N. Gallagher, who represents Seitel, told the publication. He noted in the article that Seitel’s efforts to work in the counties, “has been a never ending parade of new obstacles.”

Even though they were off to a rocky start, Seitel and residents of Hopewell and Aliquippa began compromising and working together.

“They’ve come through and we don’t have any problems,” said Terrance McConnell, general manager of the Aliquippa water authority. 

Read the full article – “Seismic Surveys, Antique Pennsylvania Infrastructure and the ‘Big Fight’ on the Horizon” (PowerSource, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 18, 2014)