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Kristi A. Davidson’s latest column in HFN Magazine focuses on the world of trade secrets. Her article titled, “The Federal Government’s Increasing Role in Trade Secret Theft,” discussed trade secrets, “commonly defined as information that derives independent economic value from not being generally known to competitors.”

In her column, Davidson notes that the government, on both the Democrat and Republican sides, is supporting efforts to federalize trade secret laws in some manner. She notes that in recent months the federal government has made strides and found that over half of the workers that were surveyed in a recent 2009 study admitted that they had stolen confidential company information when leaving a job.

Whether the government’s efforts to pass legislation attempting to protect companies’ trade secrets pass or not, Davidson says, “we can count on companies to vigorously defend and protect their trade secret rights.” 

Read the full column - "The Federal Government's Increasing Role in Trade Secret Theft" (HFN Magazine, September 2013)