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Howard D. Scher, shareholder in the firm's Litigation practice, recently penned an article describing the satisfaction of being able to help people through his volunteer work with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. Scher was first a donor, then a board member and now an officer of that organization, which works to works to exonerate the wrongfully convicted and prevent innocent people from being convicted. He and a team of attorneys are currently working to help a client who has been incarcerated for about 20 years for the murder of a toddler that he found unconscious. No evidence existed that he actually killed the child except for testimony from medical experts that the death had to be the result of violent shaking, a notion that has since been debunked. Scher and the team hope to secure a retrial and acquittal for the client.

Read the full article – “Wrongfully Convicted Get Help Through Pennsylvania Innocence Project” (Philadelphia Bar Reporter, February 2016)