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Law360 cited the John E. Butler et al v. Charles Powers Estate case as one of this year’s most vital decisions for the energy industry. In the article titled, “2013's Big Energy Decisions Tip In Favor Of Industry,” key rulings from 2013 were discussed as either “wins” for the industry or developments that could lead to future litigation.

In the case, the high court ended a dispute between a landowner (Butler), represented by Gregory J. Krock, and the estate of Charles Powers by “unanimously ruling that a trial court had correctly found that natural gas rights are not separate from oil and mineral rights under a 130-year-old state rule that lets such right be reserved in a land sale or transfer.”

The rule, known as the Dunham Rule, was kept in place, allowing the Supreme Court to avoid opening the door to challengers attempting to undo leases across the state. 

Read the full article - “2013's Big Energy Decisions Tip In Favor Of Industry” (Law360, July 29, 2013)