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Hoping to begin opening statements on Wednesday, June 12, the biggest federal jury pool in Bay State history is working on the task of whittling down to 18 people to stand in judgment of James “Whitey” Bulger, reported an article titled, “Massive Jury Task Looming,” published in the Boston Herald.

“The standard is, can they be fair and impartial? That standard will easily be met by the younger jurors. I suspect we’ll get a young jury looking at this 83-year-old man who’s being accused of being the leading racketeer on the Eastern seaboard – but at a period of time way gone by,” stated Buchanan shareholder Barry I. Slotnick who was interviewed by the reporter.

Additionally, Slotnick was interviewed by USA Today and mentioned in an article titled, "Legendary Boston Gang Boss Whitey Bulger Faces Trial." He told USA Today that "there is a very good possibility he will get acquitted. He hasn't been involved in criminal activity for a long time."

Called to the courthouse this week, hundreds of potential jurors completed the questionnaire for the Bulger trial, putting them closer to deciding the fate of the “Whitey” Bulger trial. 

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