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A recent article in the International Business Times titled, “Oscar Pistorius News: When Will the Trial End? Olympian Accused of Making Harsh Remark to Victims Close Friend” describes the last two months of witnesses and experts who testified in the Pistorius trial.

Buchanan’s Barry I. Slotnick told the publication that it was a bad idea for Pistorius to take the stand. “I was shocked when I heard he was taking the witness stand. I’ve won a large amount of cases. Most of those cases are based upon the fact that the defended didn’t take the witness stand.” Slotnick said.

Slotnick also noted that Pistorius’s behavior in court won’t necessarily help him either. “I don’t think tearful moments are to his benefit,” Slotnick said. “I think that judges looking at this will be offended by what appears to be the machinations of a person who is charged with killing his girlfriend. Those are very serious charges.”

“He may be putting himself in a jail cell, as a result of his attempt to cause the judge to feel sympathy for him.”

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