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Sergio G. Chaidez

Sergio G. Chaidez


San Diego, CA

How Sergio Helps Clients

Sergio handles cases from commencement through trial, and helps clients throughout the investigation, discovery, and trial phases of litigation. He represents a wide variety of clients, including construction companies, various businesses of all types, and individuals. Sergio focuses his practice on commercial litigation, assisting clients in matters involving breach of contract, fraud, defamation, products liability, personal injury, and the enforcement of judgments.

What Clients Can Expect

Sergio cares about understanding his client’s business operations, interests, goals, and how litigation can affect those things. He understands that litigation is a means to an end, and helps his clients use litigation in an efficient yet thorough manner to achieve concrete objectives. A straightforward person, he explains strategic and tactical issues in a concise, direct manner. Sergio also cares deeply about actively listening to his clients and ensuring he understands their concerns and goals.

I am stubborn when it comes to doing things the right way and the smart way.

Outside the Office

When not diligently working for his clients, Sergio enjoys spending time outdoors camping and hiking with his dog, or taking him for long walks or runs. Sergio also enjoys woodworking, tinkering with cars and machinery, reading, and generally just enjoys learning and trying new things. Fluent in Spanish, he also enjoys weekend getaways to Baja California with his wife and friends.

Proof Points

  • First chaired four different court trials involving breach of contract, landlord-tenant, homeowners’ association, and consumer protection issues.
  • Successfully vacated numerous money judgments on procedural grounds, reopened the litigation, and proceeded to successfully defend or resolve the matters for substantially less than the judgments he vacated.
  • Succeeded in resolving numerous matters by way of settlement or obtaining dismissals through litigation strategy and tactics.