The June issue of Security Magazine features an article titled, “9 Strategies to Protect Privacy in Cyber Space.” The article discussed the concern of cybersecurity threats due to major security breaches, like the one Target experience in December 2013.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Matthew H. Meade told the publication that “[i]t’s really important for any company, no matter what sector of business they’re in, to understand data life cycle. That’s how data comes into the organization, how the data is stored and maintained once it’s in the organization and who has access to it.”

“They may have documents that are years old that have Social Security numbers in them that no one uses anymore, but they still have them and if someone got access to it, it’d be a problem,” Meade said in regard to the common problem that companies face: not understanding that everything they have in their system may be vulnerable. 

Read the full article – “9 Strategies to Protect Privacy in Cyber Space” (Security Magazine, June 2014)