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Rafael M. Villalobos, Jr.

Rafael M. Villalobos, Jr.


Philadelphia, PA

How Rafael Helps Clients

Rafael M. Villalobos, Jr. is a healthcare and litigation attorney who focuses his practice on assisting hospitals, health systems, physicians and other healthcare providers and payors in the areas of health law, medical staff issues, regulatory guidance, compliance, employer counseling, corporate governance, internal investigations, physician misconduct, crisis management and other areas of litigation. He also has extensive experience in handling medical and dental professional liability, sexual misconduct and employment litigation cases.

Prior to returning to private practice at a large law firm, Rafael spent more than 10 years as Chief Legal Counsel, Senior Vice President and Director of Insurance and Claims for Aria Health System, during which time he was responsible for managing all legal affairs for a three-hospital system with more than 4,000 employees and personally handled health law, transactions and employment issues, litigation management, corporate governance, risk avoidance, risk mitigation, dispute resolution and more. He was deeply involved in the governance process and worked closely with and counseled the Board of Directors and the executive team on a regular basis. Rafael was a C-Suite hospital administrator and experienced leader who was directly involved with management of various cost centers and hospital operations. He knows well the impact various administrative styles can have on the hospital, staff and patients and how to effectively improve processes and procedures.

Rafael understands the challenges and complexities of healthcare as well as the nuances of healthcare regulations and compliance issues. As a former hospital administrator, he speaks his clients’ language and is able to offer practical, real world solutions.

What Clients Can Expect

Rafael is a litigator, first and foremost, and approaches all issues with that mindset. His clients appreciate his experience as a trial attorney and in-house counsel. He prides himself on being his clients’ go-to person and a member of their team, and considers himself a counselor-at-law who instills confidence and calm.

Over the course of my career, I've been a hospital executive and client who understands healthcare from the inside, speaks the language and helps navigate to successful outcomes.

Outside the Office

Rafael has a blended family with six children (3 boys and 3 girls) – the youngest has autism. He is an avid weightlifter and enjoys strongman and powerlifting. He loves tattoos, scotch, cigars, music, dogs and cats. Rafael is an avid collector of antique and military vehicles and a big fan of Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek and, of course, William Shatner, whom he was lucky to meet when he was a young boy.

Proof Points

  • Successful handling of professional liability and catastrophic loss cases.
  • Successful handling of a crisis which attracted national attention.
  • Successful handling of reductions in force and numerous ADA and EEO matters.
  • Successful handling of internal investigations into allegations of fraud and abuse, including whistle blowers and self-disclosure.
  • Successful handling of serious allegations of physician misconduct including alleged homicide and various allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.