Paul M. Hawkes

Paul M. Hawkes

Senior Advisor - Government Relations

Tallahassee, FL

Paul M. Hawkes began his career as an Assistant State Attorney in Florida before deciding to run for and win a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. He served two terms before becoming Special Counsel to the first Republican Speaker in 122 years. Paul was instrumental in drafting new Rules for the Florida House, made referral recommendations on all legislation filed in the House and oversaw special projects.

In 2000, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush appointed Paul as the Deputy Director of the Office of Policy and Budget. In this capacity, Paul was responsible for identifying efficiencies, outsourcing opportunities and providing budgetary recommendations to the state agencies. At this time, Paul was also registered to lobby to advance the Governor’s legislative agenda.

After a year in that position, Paul returned to the Florida House of Representatives as Chief of Policy for then-Speaker, Tom Feeney. In this role, Paul advised Speaker Feeney on policy matters arising in the legislature.

In 2003, Governor Bush appointed Paul to the First District Court of Appeals, a position Paul held until 2012. During his term, he was twice retained by the citizens in the 31 counties of North Florida, and in 2007, Paul became the youngest judge elected by his peers to serve as the court’s Chief Judge.

Most recently, Paul owned and managed his own lobbying firm, representing a variety of clients before the legislative and executive branches of the Florida government.