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Executive shareholder Patrick C. Keane and shareholder and co-chair of the IP Section Matthew Schneider were recently quoted and pictured in the United States feature of Asia IP, a “specialist monthly magazine that provides in-depth coverage of the key IP challenges that companies can face when investing and doing business in Asia, and the solutions that are available.” 

The issue discusses the America Invents Act (AIA) which changed the US patent system from its former first to invent system to the more globally-standard first to file system, has helped to better blend patent law in the United States with patent laws in other developed nations.  

“The US transition to a first-to-file system, through the recently enacted American Invents Act, reflects our country’s interest in harmonizing its patent filing laws with the IP international community,” Keane and Schneider told the publication. “…[B]ut there are nuances in the new US law requiring forethought, and thorough consideration of different available options and likely results associated with each.”