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Matthew H. Meade, shareholder in Buchanan’s Cybersecurity and Data Protection group, participated in a technology-focused roundtable organized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Following the roundtable, Matt was featured in the article, “Look out: Agile practicing companies may lure your best talent away.”

“My practice is sort of two focus areas. One is the proactive. Those are the clients that call and say, “We need you to help train our employees; we need you to help with our policies and procedures; we need you to take a look at our vendor agreements and see what provisions are in place and how our vendors protect secured data.” So, that’s one bucket. The other bucket is the reactive clients. Those are the ones that typically call sometimes five minutes before I walk in here, sometimes on Friday night at seven o’clock, and say, ‘We had a laptop stolen, we have been hacked. Somebody appears to have opened up a phish email and it appears our whole network is compromised.’”