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Mark Pfeiffer

Mark Pfeiffer


Philadelphia, PA
Princeton, NJ
  • Bankruptcy

    • Represented lenders and obtained dismissal of several single asset real estate cases based upon bad faith filings, including a case in which the Court issued a bar order prohibiting further bankruptcy filings and granting prospective relief from the automatic stay in the event a further bankruptcy proceeding was filed.
    • Represented lender in obtaining the dismissal of a petition seeking a preliminary injunction and the extension of the automatic stay to prevent the lender from pursuing claims against the insiders of the debtor.
    • Represented lenders, debtors and purchasers in connection with 363 sales of real estate, intellectual property and operating businesses.
    • Represented lenders and debtors in connection with all matters of the bankruptcy case through confirmation of the plan of reorganization and distribution to creditors.
    • Represented debtors, Chapter 7 trustees and liquidation trustees in connection with the prosecution of avoidance actions, including preferential transfers, fraudulent transfers and unauthorized post-petition transfers.
    • Represented an equipment lender as a debtor in bankruptcy which representation included issues related to the debtor's recovery of defaulted loans in the debtor's portfolio, lender liability issues raised by the debtor's customers, and bankruptcy issues related to the securitization of the debtor's loans.
    • Routinely represents lenders in connection with obtaining relief from the automatic stay.
    • Represented lenders in connection with debtor-in-possession financing, including attempts by debtors to grant priming liens.
    • Represented creditors in the defense of preference and avoidance actions.
    • Represented the local court system in connection with the bankruptcy of the developer of a new family courthouse.

  • Receiverships

    • Represented lenders in connection with receiverships, including contested evidentiary hearings seeking the appointment of a receiver.
    • Represented lenders in connection with the appointment of receivers on an emergency ex parte basis without notice to the borrower.
    • Represented receiver in state court jury trial involving breach of fiduciary duty claims against the receiver and obtained dismissal of all claims against the receiver at the close of evidence.
    • Represented lenders in connection with approval, and termination, of lease agreements after the appointment of a receiver.
  • State and Federal Court Litigation

    • Represented lenders and other parties in state court litigation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This representation includes jury trials.
    • Represented lenders in mortgage foreclosure actions and actions on promissory notes.
    • Represented lenders in connection with sheriff sales.
    • Represented lenders the defense of lender liability claims.
    • Represented lenders in connection with guarantor litigation.
    • Represented lenders, landlords and defendants in connection with confession of judgment litigation in Pennsylvania.
    • Represented various parties in the prosecution and defense of motions for preliminary injunctions and other equitable relief.
    • Represented claimants in mechanics lien litigation.
  • Lender Liability Litigation

    • Represented lenders in consumer related lender liability claims, including claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Truth-in-Lending Act, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act and state law consumer protection acts.
    • Represented lenders in defense of commercial lender liability claims including failure to fund, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference, breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing.
    • Lectures on consumer protection laws.