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Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney shareholder Charles B. Gibbons has authored two new editions of his books on federal and state evidence and trial objections, both of which were recently published by West/Thomson Reuters.

Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence with Trial Objections (5th Ed.) addresses the state rules of evidence.

"[O]bjections to the admission or exclusion of evidence must be made at the right time, with the right rule and for the right reason," Gibbons wrote in the preface. "[T]his book may assist with the right rule and right reason but, as with so many other aspects of life, timing is everything and that responsibility falls to the trial lawyer."

Gibbons' second book, Federal Trial Objections (4th ed.), provides a quick reference to how the Federal Rules of Evidence are interpreted in the trial and appellate courts across the United States.

As with prior editions, West will issue a law student edition this summer.

Both books are dedicated to the late Michael J. Manzo, Gibbons' close friend and distinguished Buchanan trial lawyer.