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Larry Besnoff

Larry Besnoff

Of Counsel

Philadelphia, PA
  • Extensive experience appearing adverse unemployment compensation rulings, including whether the claimant is an employer or an independent contractor
  • Successfully responded to OSHA complaints, including fatality cases
  • Conducts wage and hour audits to assure that employees are properly classified
  • Litigated validity of drug testing results, including questions about collection, laboratory tests and MRO conclusions
  • Litigated numerous ADA cases involving mold, allergies, blindness, stuttering, etc.
  • Particular interest in challenges to discipline based on social media posts, emails, blogs, etc.
  • Prepared both employment contracts and separation agreements for high level executives and provide advice and counseling on enforceability of non-competes and non-solicits
  • Extensive experience in the health care field, involving employment agreements for doctors, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, etc.
  • Represents automobile car dealerships, hospitals, non-profits, restaurants and other retail establishments.