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Atlantic City's newest casino, Revel Atlantic City, is hiring – with a caveat. So-called "defined service-cycle positions" – valet, dealer, host and hostess, cocktail server, bartender, bell person, promotions staffer and front-desk staffer – will be limited to four-, five- or six-year terms.

There is speculation the policy is a back-door avoidance of antidiscrimination laws, but as Buchanan labor and employment attorney Gina M. Ameci told the Philadelphia Business Journal, that doesn't mean the casino will use it for sweeping layoffs or firings.

"I don't care what type of employer it is, they're not looking to fire people," she said.

Instead, Ameci believes the term limits are designed to keep employees engaged and thinking about their futures, "where they want to be when their terms are up, whether that's in the same position with Revel, the same position somewhere else, or in more of a supervisory role," the article explained.