The Philadelphia Business Journal published an article on the potential pitfalls of office pools during the NCAA basketball tournament, commonly known as March Madness.

Buchanan shareholder David L. Hackett and former student manager for Duke’s basketball team in 1991 when the Blue Devils won the NCAA championship, spoke to the Journal about what owners and bosses should avoid but also to be realistic during the tournament.“It can be a good thing. It can build morale in the workplace," he said. "People interact and talk about something not work related.”

While it can be a good thing, Dave suggests that employers and bosses should not authorize or run office pools. “Endorsing an office pool could also be used against a company if it wanted to punish employees who participate in a cash card game, during company time.” 

Read the full article – “March Madness and the Potential Pitfalls of Office Pools” (Philadelphia Business Journal, March 20, 2014)