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In her most recent column, “The Social Media Buffet Continues to Draw a Crowd,” published in HFN Magazine, shareholder Kristi A. Davidson discusses the impact of social media from a personal and business perspective.

According to the column, “87 percent of Fortune 100 companies use social media, and a CareerBuilder survey concluded that 35 percent of all companies use social media.”

Davidson suggests that those using social media (both for business and personal reasons) “should be aware of numerous legal concepts, none of which are new but all of which one could argue must now be re-examined and refined to meet this age of pushing out super-speedy mass information.”

“Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ does not mean that everyone is doing it right,” Kristi writes. 

Read her full column – “The Social Media Buffet Continues to Draw a Crowd” (HFN Magazine, October 11, 2013)