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Kimberly E. Coghill

Kimberly E. Coghill


Alexandria, VA

How Kimberly Helps Clients

Kim focuses her practice on intellectual property litigation and counseling. Her experience encompasses a variety of aspects of patent litigation in multiple forums, including the district courts, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the International Trade Commission. Kim has experience with pre-litigation analysis and strategy preparation; drafting of pleadings, motions, and replies; working with experts – from initial identification through expert reports, deposition and pre-trial preparation; analyzing and preparing non-infringement and invalidity contentions; overseeing document production and review; preparing written discovery requests and responses; taking and defending depositions of fact and expert witnesses, including 30(b)(6) designees; and summary judgment briefing. She has handled litigation matters involving a broad spectrum of technologies, including software, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Prior to focusing her practice on IP litigation, Kim split her time between litigation and patent prosecution. As a patent prosecutor, Kim drafted and prosecuted patent applications in a variety of technological areas, including those involving the electrical, computer, chemical, electromechanical and materials science arts. Her technical knowledge in these fields is rooted in her strong physics, materials science and electrical engineering background developed while obtaining her engineering degree from Georgia Tech and working as an engineering intern with a corporation based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Before joining Buchanan, Kim worked as a patent examiner at the U.S.P.T.O. and as a civil litigator in an Atlanta-based law firm doing non-IP related work.

What Clients Can Expect

Kim brings a unique perspective to the development and pursuit of patent litigation strategies. Her past experience as a patent examiner provides a unique understanding of both sides of the patent prosecution process, enabling her to comprehensively assess the strengths and weaknesses associated with asserting and defending against claims of patent infringement and invalidity. Her strong technical background in a variety of subject matters assists in her ability to develop strong positions for her clients.

Most importantly, Kim strives to put the client first. She understands that urgent issues arise in IP litigation and goes to extreme efforts to accommodate even the most last-minute requests.