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Kelly M. Neal’s advisory discussing Klein v. Weidner, a case arising from a domestic dispute between former spouses, was recently featured in Law360.

The article titled, “3rd Circuit Opens New Punitive Damages Doors for Creditors,” focuses on whether punitive damages are available under the Pennsylvania Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (PUFTA).

“The holding of Klein v. Weidner is significant for creditors in Pennsylvania not only because the Third Circuit permitted a creditor to recover punitive damages against a transferor, but also because it opens the door for the possible recovery of punitive damages from transferees or other third parties, such as attorneys who assist with the execution of transfers, that could be considered fraudulent under the PUFTA,” Kelly writes. 

Read the full article – “3rd Circuit Opens New Punitive Damages Doors for Creditors” (Law360, January 13, 2013)