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John F. Povilaitis and Alan M. Seltzer, shareholders in Buchanan's energy section, wrote an article for Midstream Business Magazine, titled, "Improving The Permitting Process" which discusses how certain pipeline projects are doomed because of stagnant development processes.

“The Keystone XL Pipeline was dealt a death blow when President Obama rejected it last November. While it was a setback for that project’s developers, it hardly represents a halt to the development of all transmission pipeline infrastructure projects. As of late last year, U.S. Industrial Info, a provider of global market intelligence with a specialization in energy markets, said it was tracking 72 active oil and gas pipeline projects across the country. More are surely to come.

The main takeaway from the Keystone XL decision should not be that future pipeline projects are doomed, but rather that the process to get to the final decision took far too long.”

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