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The JD Supra 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards acknowledge top authors for their excellent reach with readers in a specific industry or for their thought leadership writing on a key, cross-industry topic.

William Flynn and Yova Borovska are recognized as Top Authors, selected from among thousands of authors JD Supra published during 2015, for the level of visibility and engagement they attained with readers in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, William Flynn’s September 2015 Visa Bulletin: Major Retrogression for EB2 China and India is noted in the award booklet as one of the top read articles by professionals in that industry in 2015, and further, Samantha Southall and David Schumacher's  article "Electronic Discovery: Beware of Employees Using Personal Email Accounts for Company Business" is noted as one of the most popular articles on the topic of eDiscovery. Download the full booklet here