Jason P. Wrona

Jason P. Wrona


Pittsburgh, PA
  • Represented an international investment, development and fund management group in the sale of a major industrial park. Jason is also responsible for routine leasing issues encountered by this client.
  • Represented a variety of real estate matters, including sales and leases of property, zoning and permitting issues and construction contract disputes.
  • Represented a university in the acquisition and development of multiple parcels of real estate as part of campus expansion plans. Jason subsequently secured a tax-exempt status for these properties.
  • Representation with respect to Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law and Sunshine Act.
  • Represented a professional sports team in the acquisition and development of real estate as part of the team's continued expansion surrounding its stadium.
  • Representation in procurement challenges, competitive bidding issues and disputes and governance questions.
  • Represented a major bank in a $900 million loan to a coal producer.
  • Represented a casino developer with zoning and other land-use issues associated with the construction of a casino.