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James M. Becker

James M. Becker

Of Counsel

Philadelphia, PA
Newark, NJ
  • Represented the audit committee of a publicly traded government contractor in conducting an internal investigation of its management's alleged fraud in submitting and litigating a government contract claim.
  • Representeda managed-care organization in federal criminal and civil investigation of possible False Claims Act and anti-kickback violations arising from its financial relationships with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company.
  • Representeda company executive in a federal criminal investigation of illegal transfer of satellite technology to China.
  • Representeda broker in an industry-wide antitrust investigation of price fixing in the municipal securities industry.
  • Representeda durable medical equipment supplier at a trial involving federal criminal anti-kickback charges.
  • Represented an insurance company in SEC/U.S. Department of Justice/NY Attorney General investigation of fraudulent accounting practices in the finite reinsurance business.
  • Represented defense contractors (including Fortune 500 companies) in government investigations of False Claims Act and other alleged violations arising from the contractors' treatment of labor charges, overhead rates, reserves and other cost accounting issues in the submission of proposals and in contract billing.
  • Represented the general counsel of a publicly traded company in a federal criminal investigation of the company's hiring of undocumented workers.
  • Representeda major academic medical center in a False Claims Act investigation of physician billing practices.
  • Represented executives, managers and employees of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies in federal criminal and civil investigations of pharmaceutical marketing practices.
  • Represented a Korean business executive in an international price fixing investigation.
  • Represented a company executive in a federal criminal investigation of illegal shipments of product to Iran.
  • Represented the superintendent of a waste water treatment facility at a trial involving federal criminal Clean Water Act allegations.