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In the final piece of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Craig C. Mills’ three-part series on Litigation published in Inside Counsel, he says managing a litigation team to victory is a lot like directing a movie.

“In-house counsel can play a similar role in guiding and directing their outside counsel as trial approaches and progresses. You may not be the one standing in front of the jury, but you can strongly influence how the trial plays out by your involvement both before and during the trial in three important ways,” he writes.

Mills says that casting the right corporate representative, running an opening statement dress rehearsal and review the final performance are three stages to bringing home a victory.

“Like an Oscar-winning director waiting for that next script, winning at trial means that in-house counsel can bask in their successes for a few moments — until the next claim comes through the door.” 

Read the full article – “Lights, Camera, Trial: Directing the Final Act of Litigation” (Inside Counsel Magazine, March 4, 2015)