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Tanya Leshko, senior attorney in the firm's Healthcare section, is quoted in the Part B News article, “If you get COVID vaccines, follow state rules – unless the shot will be wasted.”

Tanya C. Leshko, senior attorney with Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC in Harrisburg, Pa., reports that Pennsylvania’s governor and the state Department of Health issued orders requiring all providers authorized to obtain vaccine to comply with the Commonwealth’s “COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan” and any changes to the plan.

“The plan includes the phased approach to vaccine administration,” Leshko says. “Both orders note that they are issued under the authority of the [state’s] Disease Prevention and Control Law, and both note that vaccine providers are required to administer the vaccine in compliance with applicable federal and state laws, including the orders. The orders specifically contain an enforcement provision stating that the Department of Health may reduce or temporarily suspend the allocation of first doses to any vaccine provider who fails to comply” with them.

These providers’ allocations “may be restored if the vaccine provider were to give assurance of future compliance with the orders,” Leshko says.