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Hugh G. Van der Veer

Hugh G. Van der Veer


Pittsburgh, PA

How Hugh Helps Clients

Hugh is one of the co-founders of the firm's Security Alarm Group. He is also the co-founder of the Barnes Buchanan Conference, an invitation-only conference for parties who want to buy, sell, lend, borrow or invest in the security alarm industry.

Throughout his career, Hugh has represented many entrepreneurs who built substantial businesses through the consolidation of multiple, smaller companies, with a special focus on the security alarm and cable television industries.

For nearly four decades, Hugh has actively represented closely held businesses. In addition to general corporate advice, he has been primarily involved in structuring and then closing more than 400 business transactions.

In the security alarm industry, Hugh has confronted, and resolved, nearly every problem that can arise in the purchase, sale and financing of a security alarm company. He has represented buyers, sellers, investors, lenders and borrowers in a variety of complex transactions, totaling over $5 billion.

Hugh was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2018, 2019 & 2020 editions in Corporate Law.

What Clients Can Expect

Hugh can identify with business owners and the challenges they face. He knows what it is like to sign that personal guaranty. He served as general counsel and a principal of a cable television company, with operations in eight states. Hugh was also instrumental in diversifying that company into the security alarm industry.

Hugh comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge and an open mind. He brings experience but never preconceived notions about a client's deal.

Every transaction is unique. While we bring years of experience, we know we must partner with our client to achieve a successful deal.

Outside the Office

When not working, you can find Hugh golfing. He likes the sport for the same reasons he enjoys his work: Every round is different, with new challenges and incredible variety.