Harrisburg Magazine asked local charities to connect them with their some of their most tireless workers so they could feature these altruistic individuals in their February issue. Shareholder Jonathan Vipond was selected after being nominated by the United Way of the Capital Region, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

“It’s the sense of assisting someone else – as so many have helped me – I am balancing the moral ledger in very small ways,” he tells the publication of volunteering.

When asked why he volunteers, Jonathan says, “‘Volunteering,’ by which I mean helping whenever and wherever reasonably needed in one’s community or school or organization, is just part of what we as fortunate individuals do. Luck has so much to do with where one ends up in a job or a relationship or in a competition. I was elected to the PA House of Representatives on a long shot at age 27, and I learned that, in politics at least, the outcome, though counted in votes, and the ‘luck’ depended on the help of many – so to help few or many and to increase the ‘luck’ for others is why I volunteer.” 

Read the full profile – “Behind-the-Scenes Heroes and Heroines” (Harrisburg Magazine, February 2015)