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Gina M. Ameci

Gina M. Ameci


Philadelphia, PA
  • Successfully defended several clients against claims of employment discrimination.
  • Successfully resolved claims alleging unpaid time worked and overtime.
  • Guided a client through the successful acquisition of a large number of employees. Even though the transition necessitated several layoffs, the client was able to avoid any litigation.
  • Resolved a disability discrimination claim by developing alternative accommodations for the employee which achieved client efficiencies.
  • Successfully defended a client against a Department of Labor (DOL) Family Medical Leave Act claim.
  • Successfully resolved a claim brought by the DOL, Occupational Safety Health Administration Review Commission, against a client in a manufacturing industry. The client was able to avoid a potential shutdown of operations as well as the imposition of fine
  • Prevented the filing of class action litigation involving the misclassification of jobs.
  • Prevented the filing of a sexual harassment claim against a client in the transportation industry by conducting a thorough examination and providing the appropriate and necessary training to managers.