Genevieve M. Spires’ recently co-authored article, “Exploring the Frontiers of Social Media While Awaiting FDA’s Guidance,” has been published in July/August edition of Update Magazine, a publication of the Food and Drug Law Institute.

The article explores the challenge that the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry face when it comes to leaping into the world of social media. The problem, the article details, is that “social media is lighting fast, while the industry – due in large part to the regulations to which it is subject – must be more deliberate and is, therefore, much slower.”

Outlining multiple opportunities in which the industries could take advantage of social media, Spires and her co-author hope that the forthcoming FDA guidance will create a clear, adaptable and practical framework that will enable the pharmaceutical and other industries of the like to embrace the online environment and eliminate some of the uncertainties that currently exist in each industry.

Read the full article - "Exploring the Frontiers of Social Media While Awaiting FDA's Guidance" (Update Magazine, July/August 2013)  Starts on page 28; Reprinted with Permission of FDLI.